Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Raelene Neon Kit - Getting my Planner Groove back

I lost my Planner Groove last year and I really need my planner to work for me as having Dyspraxia, EDS & Fibro if my planner isn't working for me then I forget things so I stepped back to the inserts that worked best for my from Jen on her blog Organised Lifestyle back in 2014.  I rarely decorate my planner inserts however my printer is being tempramental and printed lines where there shouldn't be lines so I used the washi from the Neon kit and a couple of thin neon washi from my stash to hide this.  And added some decoration using the fun hearts from the kit.

I dated my inserts with incorrect dates so the printable Morgyn created for this kit came in very handy as they covered my errors so I could date them correctly.

 I have used a highlighter to mark the time between school runs so I can quickly see the chunk of time and plan it out each day.
Highlighters were the perfect thing to use with the Neon kit.

Now to finish planning out my week.

Remember the first Subscription Kit is April.  All Subscriptions that have been paid for will ship March 31st.

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