Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Lauren ~~ Back to School Kit - 8.5 x 11 layout #2

When I said previously that once I started creating with the great back to school embellishment kit I couldn't stop.....here is second layout. Another 8.5 x 11 to fit in back of page protector of previous layout.

This time I ripped out a piece of A4 lined paper out of old notebook and used tiny attacher to staple it to the 8.5 x 11 cardstock.

I added the photo straight onto the layout without layers, and set about cutting out some cut a parts from the cut a part sheets included in the embellishment kit.

I added the circle journaling spot and the beautiful crochet red apple to bottom right of the photo. Starting the embellishment cluster strong!

The cut a part banners and the blackboard looking sign helped the embellishment cluster grow and support the photo to the right.

Some amazing blue metal flowers were added to sprinkle the embellishments and texture around the cluster.

To highlight the photo some more I added some scribble lines as a border.

Simple but amazingly brilliant layout that was easily put together with the add  of the back to school embellishment kit.

Thanks for visiting and don't wait any longer to get your scrappy hands on this unique and amazing back to school kit.

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Saturday, 17 February 2018

Morgyn ~ Scrapping Fun Kits ~ Travellers Notebook Kit ~ Colour Fun Run

Hi Scrappers, Morgyn here sharing my latest layout using the Summer Travellers Notebook kit (and some of the promo kit Raelene had given me) from Scrapping Fun Kits.

I love how perfect this photo is to use with the Summer kit.  Sam had a colour fun run at his school late last year and this was the after photo.  He was given the pair of yellow sunglasses he is wearing, how wonderful is the sunglass paper and sticker to match?

For the left hand side of the spread I used a paper from my promo kit as the pink matched the splatter on the other side.  I used the blue boarder strip down the middle and a piece of the pink/yellow washi tape.  I mounted my photo on a yellow embellishment piece and used the rainbow letters for my title.

On the right side of the layout I used the sunglasses paper for my background, then I cut out the pink 'summer splash' from an embellishment card.  Together with the sunglasses sticker they made a neat embellishment cluster.  For my journalling spot I trimmed down a journal card and used a green boarder sticker to make another little cluster.

This page came together so quickly and easily (it helps that all the kit pieces coordinate together.
If you would like to find out more about the kits you can find the subscribe page here.

If you would like to see my process video for this layout you can find it here.

Thank for stopping by

Morgyn  xx

Friday, 16 February 2018

Lauren ~~ Traveler's Notebook Promo Kit -- Spring Landscape photo layout

There are wonderful promo kits that Raelene has been providing the design team in preparation for the release of the Traveler's Notebook Kit in autumn.

I started this layout with a horizontal 4 x 6 photo that depicted how the layout started.

I turned the TN insert sideways and placed the photo on the top half.

Was then so much fun to play with the cards and tags and washi and die cuts to arrange a beautiful spring inspired cluster on the bottom side.

Was then nice to balance the whole layout off with a title and some die cut flowers to top right side of photo and layout. 

Enjoy the close ups and the final photo of full layout of the TN insert layout. 

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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Morgyn ~ Valentines Planner Spread ~ February embellishment kit

Hi Crafty people,

Morgyn here sharing my current travellers notebook planner spread using this months embellishment kit. It was too perfect for Valentines day 💕

Here are a couple of close ups of each page.

I used the wider heart washi tape to mark Valentines day.  I added a little title with my own red hearts too.  I used red and pink pens for my days & dates to match with the fun washi tape.

I trimmed the other washi tape in half lengthways to make a border at the top, then used the skinny washi at the bottom to mark off my meals section.  The gold 'love' paper clip was super perfect to mark my page in the planner (makes it nice and easy to find the week i'm up to).

Have a great scrappy day

Morgyn   xx

Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Lauren ~~ February Embellishment Kit -- 12x12 "Love"

Morning everyone,

I was so in love (pun intended) with the February embellishment  kit that was hard not to hoard it. Also lately I have not be able to get enough  of the mixed media backgrounds. 

So i started off by misting water onto the background and then spraying  every  pink and red spray mist I own hehe. Once it was dried I sprinkled water on to the page and waited few  minutes before drying that with paper towel  - this leaves water resist marks which give depth and look of texture to the misted background.

Now it was time for the fun of making embellishment clusters and layers behind the photo. I chose a lovely photo of my sons with their great grandfather from last christmas and layer some of the paper and the heart gold doily behind it.

I then got to add some washi strips and the beautiful floral covered wood veneer. Also cut a part tag and phrase. Finishing it off with the big pink flower and hearts of the wood veneer and bling variety.

Because the misted background  covered the whole page i added a straight line border and drew some hearts along these  lines to draw eye into the page rather than it floating off.

Thanking you

Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Lauren ~~ Back to School Kit - 8.5 x 11 Layout

I absolutely love this stand alone embellishment kit - amazing for back to school scrapping and once I started I couldn't stop creating !!!!

I started this layout by using old loyalty card to scrape black paint on to the majority of the page.

Whilst I waited for it to dry I got stuck into the layers behind the photo.

I used my paper distresser  to rough up the edges of the lined paper included in the kit. Once that was done I then scrunched the whole page up in my hands to give it wrinkles and more distressed look.

I cut out the lined blackboard card (ripping out the part that will be covered by the photo for later) and attached it to behind the photo with the apple paperclip.

The back to school washi was added to be the title of the layout.

Added more washi in the form of the crayon washi to bottom of the paper layers along with a cut a part word strip for extra embellishment down the bottom of the layout.

I was dying to use the resin peices as soon as I opened the embellishment kit, I placed on down bottom and one to the top of the photo layers.

Finishing off the whole layout with the perfect blue metallic sequins - sprinkling down the layout.

Thanks for visiting the blog, Check out the video for further details.....

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Monday, 12 February 2018

Raelene - Summer Moodboard - Sandy Toes

Today I am sharing my layout for the Summer Moodboard.

I used the December Embellishment Kit and some bits from my stash

I started by selecting 2 papers from the December Embellishment Kit and cutting them to fit the the TN pages.
Then I added a border sticker from a upcoming TN Kit to give some extra texture.

Then I added my photo and started embellishing with washi bits from my stash.

I decided to scrap a gorgeous photo of my Mr 11's feet when he was about 2 or 3 years old and we were at the beach.  All electronic storage that the photo was stored on was damaged so I no longer have the dates of the photo and have to guess his age.

I accidentally tore my paper a tiny bit so covered the tear with a flat enamel dot and well I couldn't have just one enamel dot randomly on my layout so I added 5 more on the layout.

I love how the layout turned out, it is very cute and feels very summery even though the photo was taken on a overcast day.