Tuesday, 27 February 2018

Lauren ~~ Traveler's Notebook Promo Kit -- Love Your Style !!

I am absolutely loving this format of documenting memories.

If you are on the fence about starting traveler's notebook then I hope you jump down from the fence and get on the bandwagon. You will be pleasantly suprised!!

Today I drew inspiration from the large frame in the promo kit, and got brave. I cut the photo to fit in the middle with half the frame on either side of the layout (falling off the edges of the pages). Such a fun effect.

Embellishment clusters that included flowers on both frames.

Washi stripes to fill in the blank space on top and bottom where frames were not.

I then got doodle happy with my sharpie.....

Adding a scripting title and scribbley borders around the frames and photos.

I just love the way it ended up even though I had no idea when I started.

Remember to keep your eye out for the Traveler's Notebook kit autumn release.....subscribe here so that you all prepared and don't miss out. 

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