Sunday, 4 November 2018

Shay - DD 2018 Kit - The December Daily Decision Part 1

Hello everyone!

Well December is nearly upon us and I am still wondering where did 2018 go!

I must say the decision to do DD was not one I was going for willingly, I resisted, I debated, I cried...I doubted my ability to do it.....but here I am.  Enna from My Scrapbook Room and Raelene (the lovely owner here) challenge me to take part in the DD and Raelene decided putting me on the Design team would be a fun element to it! So here I am 2018 DD novice and Design team member for the Fabulous Scrapping Fun kits. This is my journey!

About 2 months ago back in early late September Early October was chatting to Raelene about the DD kits she was releasing and all the exciting stuff that was in there, she couldn't convince me to take part but loved the kit anyway!  Fast forward a few hours later and a question over on My Scrapbook Room on who was doing it saw me saying no not doing it never done one, too hard, all the reasons as to why the biggest being we are not into Christmas here much! So Between being challenged by Raelene and Enna I am here.

I was excited at first because it meant I got to shop spend hours on Pinterest and pin layouts and designs and ideas....and I mean hours of Pinterest which normally ended  up me somewhere where I shouldn't of been instead of in pinning stuff for DD. Fast forward 10 scrapbooking sites later stalking the DD queen (Ali Edwards) to see what she had in her kits, should I buy one yes no, in the cart walked off come back emptied cart, back again in cart and out of cart.  This was the case with a lot of the site I just couldn't decide this was a huge undertaking and the fear of getting it wrong was clouding what i wanted to buy. Being an indecisive scrapper didn't help! (that is another post for another day) It also didn't sit well with me that I had other stuff happening in December that was defiantly not Christmas related and how was I going to put that in my album when it wasn't Christmas related!

IN the meantime Raelene had sent me the Scrapping Fun kits  DD embellishment kit

Which gave me an idea of what was in the kit and what other colours I could use with them.  After a long painful search (keep in mind I totally forgot I already had a shop full of Christmas stuff that i forgot to check and see what i already had 😒)  I settled on My Mind Eye Joyus collection....ohh guess who remembered she had stuff already for Christmas after she purchased the collection and it had arrived yep me....and guess what?  I ALREADY HAD SOME OF THE JOYUS COLLECTION IN THERE!!  😔 Oh well will have spares just in case.

This brought me forward to the day I had to sit down and make some decisions on what I was going to put in my kit...Yep the struggle was real people, Did I still want to use the Joyus collection?, what about the two paper pads and the two 5 packs of washi I had brought from Spotlight as well, Ohh! die cuts from three different companies none matching my papers or kits..... Come back to the basics that is what I had to do.  I walked away from it all for a few days to clear my head and come back to it.

PHOTOGRAPHS - I am a huge shutterbug and love taking photo's especially at Christmas time. In my search for DD ideas I came across some lists for taking photo's for December Daily, though most of them were based in America and where it snowed I took some from about 12 different list and threw in a few of my own. A good starting point. Here is the list I came up with.

  1. Favorite Christmas Tree Decoration
  2. Christmas cards ready to post 
  3. Presents under the tree
  4. Decorating the Christmas tree
  5. Opening Presents
  6. Looking through the glass (shop window displays)
  7. Light bokeh
  8. Friends
  9. Special Event
  10. Wearing Santa's hat
  11. Christmas wish list 
  12. Something Red
  13. Travel
  14. Close up of ornaments on the tree
  15. Christmas Lunch
  16. Footprints in the sand
  17. Christmas craft
  18. Boxing Day Activities
  19. Christmas past
  20. Tinsel 
  21. Cheers
This was the launching pad of what my pages will be about in my DD. This I will save for another post.

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