Monday, 30 October 2017

Coralee ~ Spring Mood Board Challenge

Hello again Scrapbooking friends! I'm pretty excited to share my Mood Board Challenge layout with you all today. If you aren't familiar with this challenge you can read about it HERE. Make sure you enter for the chance to win a kit credit!

For this challenge I decided to do a travellers notebook layout. I was drawn to the pinks and greens, and of course the flowers! So some things from my mums stash were used while I was visting the family at the beginning of the month.

Something I have really loved while browsing Travellers Notebook layouts is having the patterned paper on one side and white on the other. Something about it is really aesthetically pleasing to me. So I went ahead and used this pretty floral paper on the left. 

I then layered some card stock behind the photo of my daughter. I tried using just 1 piece of card stock but it didn't look right. Layering also meant that I could tie in all the colours I was using even more. 

For the spotted flags and strips I used some washi on white card stock. This makes the design more opaque and easier to work with (easier to cut a triangle out, move around etc). Some scraps of the card stock, gold circle stickers and journal-ling and I was practically done! The last finishing touch was the date which I used the stamp in the basic kit for.

Once I was finished I realised there was a little mark in the top right area of the page, so popping the smile tag over it was a simple fix that also added to the page.

I hope you enjoyed my Mood Board Layout and I am looking forward to seeing your entries! 

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  1. I love your Mood Board layout! :) You did such a nice job layering solids with a floral pattern! :) Adorable! :) It is nice to see a fellow scrapbooker's work! :) Best, Christina