Monday, 16 October 2017

Lauren - Spring Moodboard - Traveler's Notebook Layout

Lauren ~
Traveler's Notebook Layout -- October Moodboard

When I challenge myself with a moodboard challenge I look at it and think about what stands out to me - something that I can relate to.

So as you read this have a look at Scrapping Fun Kits Spring Moodboard
and think about what resonates with you. Use this to start the creativity flowing and end up with a great layout (whatever format it is).

So what do I see, you might ask.......

I seen yellow and purple flowers that light and airy like spring blossoms, and a beautiful bird. 

So with that in mind I set out searching my stash, I wanted a bird stamp (and I thought I would have one seeing as I have plenty). I couldn't find a bird stamp but did find a few flower stamp sets.

I settled on one stamp (from one of the reject shop's collection) and cut off the leave so that it stamped just the flower and stem part. This reminded me of the lower right hand side photo - the long stems and little delicate flowers at the ends.

I then used the colours to guide my ink choices and went to town stamping the flowers - overlapping them and trying to spread out the colours to cover the bottom half of the traveler's notebook insert page. I didn't stamp the flowers in straight line instead making it more random and realistic (in case didn't know flowers don't often grow in straight lines and rows hehe).

Seeing as the other thing I was drawn to when looking at the moodboard was the bird, I set out to add it to this layout.  I didn't want to ruin the flowers or the paper, as I was going to experiment with freehand drawing and watercolour pencils. So I grabbed some scrap paper and started drawing with a pencil. Simplistic bird was all I could muster, and once I was happy I traced over it with black sharpie pen.

I used similar colours to colour in the bird, using water colour pencils and water brush.  I did make a bird I wasn't happy with the colours and then made a second one.

I used a glue stick to stick down the bird and then twiddle and tapped my fingers trying to decide what else to add to the layout as it was a bit bare.

I started doodling a border with the pencils (not using water this time), carrying over the colour scheme to tie in the whole layout.

I then, somehow plucked the idea out of thin air, to draw a box next to the bird. Pinterest was searched for a "bird quote" to add to this box.

finished the layout off with stamped hearts and the word October, I did mis-stamp some hearts near the October and covered the mistake with tiny word stickers (i.e. our best friend hehe).

Here is the completed Traveler's Notebook.

Let me know what you think of my TN layout, and also what you think about when look at our moodboard. 
Share your layout on the scrapping fun kits Facebook page, so we can all be inspired.

(Scrappy Cheekylauren)

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