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Lauren ~ May Fundraising Kit ~ Strong

Hey everyone,

Welcome back to another month, and this one is a great one.

Scrapping Fun Kits is fundraising for Starlight Children’s Foundation this month. All profits from sales of the May Embellishment Kit and kit extras will be donated to Starlight Children’s Foundation. If you would like to donate directly to Starlight Children’s Foundation you can do so via their website

Now to my page that I made using this delightful kit.

The cutfile was my start of the inspiration, I placed it on the page (it has a little stick ability left from the cutting mat - which cant see and doesn't leave a residue behind).

I then used black spray mist to spray over the page, over the cutfile and make a random edge, i.e. I didn't fill the page with ink right to all four edges. Once I lifted the cutfile a lovely white space in the shape of the cutfile was left. Exactly what I had hoped would be left!

I then did the bleaching/water droplet technique. I placced some water in my hand and flicked it onto the spray mist on the page. I waited a few minutes and then used paper towel to dry it up, because the spray mist is water reactive it takes away the colour from those spots where water was. Gives a great look to mist, gives it depth and the look of texture rather than flat colour :)

I also watered down, a little, purple acylic paint and used it with a paint brush to make ink splatters. these do dry dark and look like black splatters but that adds to background nicely.

I found a tiny photo of myself that I had printed, it has been printed on the selphy at 2.1 x 3.4 inches (a special size that can be purchased for selphy - and is such a fun size too). I did cut it down a little more to make it more square.

I matted it with the zebra print tissue paper and small half border on bottom left edges using the collage print (a piece that I had left after using it for my moodboard layout).

I nestled the photo in between the top butterflies, and get started on the embellishment clusters.

I had already taken apart the layers of the large paper flower in the kit, and I used two layers (laid alternatively) underneath the ribbon flower to start a small cluster at bottom left of the photo.

I then thought I would experiment with cutting open the zebra print paper straw, thankfully it worked the way I wanted. I was able to cut up the middle of the straw and flatten it out, this was the start to the strip cluster beneath the title and butteflies. I did have to hold the straw for a few moments whilst glue dried as it wanted to curl up a little.

I added strip of the purple butterfly ribbon and strip of tissue paper to the paper straw strip.

I wanted some more butterflies to add 3D look to the layout, but as I had already used the cut apart butterflies I was unsure for a moment. Then I bravely cut off a couple butterflies from cutfile (there is still a decent cutfile piece left to use) and I place one next to ribbon flower cluster, one above the word strong and  a 3 butterfly cluster above the ribbon and paper straw strip. To get them to stand out more, as they where black from spraying over top of them, I used my gold pitt pen to colour 3 out of the five added butterflies in.

Finish with a doodling double line thick border and wella beauty.

Thanks for reading, check out further creations on this blog and subscribe or purchase the kit to be able to support Starlight Children's Foundation in May.

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