Friday, 22 June 2018

Lauren ~~ June 2018 Kit ~~ Fantastic

Hey Everyone,

This embellishment kit just speaks to me and this layout was born.

I used inspiration from the ribbons and washi to make stripes behind the photo and down the layout.

I started by painting two stripes, one in each colour - peach and mint.

Then while it dried a little I got stuck on building the paper layers behind the photo with the patterned paper I had left. I changed each layer up and even made two of the layers as banners at the bottom.

I then knew I had to adhere the photo with its patterned paper layers to the cardstock before I embellished the stripes further. So I used foam tape (as I have run out of fun foam - for some reason I continually forget to buy more at the shops) to adhere it to the painted stripes. I added some peach and mint coloured thread behind the photo as well.

I then knew it needed a ribbon layer under the bottom of the photo layers, which I made into a banner, before adding other stripes.

I used ribbons and washi to make it the way I thought it looked good design wise.

I then started two embellishment clusters, I knew I needed one below the photo to the left - this was to tie in the stripe layers below the photo. The second one I wasn't as certain at the beginning but thought needed to be on the right perhaps near the photo (and that is where it did indeed end up).

I used a flair from the kit (as well as a flair from DT bonus) and used the paper, resin and fabric flowers to build the clusters. I then dug into my stash for some extra resin flowers and thickers.  The thickers had some awesomely perfectly coloured hearts that finished the clusters.

If you want to see a process video for this layout, check it out here

See you Next time, everyone.

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