Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Raelene Neon Kit - Hugs

Hi Scrapping Fun fans,
Raelene here with another layout using the Exclusive Neon Kit.  For this layout I used the 2 papers that came in the kit and the Neon Pink Felt Bow.

There is no process video as this was a craft as I go scrap, where I spent a few moments on it here and there over 2 or 3 days, just fiddling until I had something I loved.  Sometimes when I am having a creative block I find it helps to leave supplies I want to use on my desk and play for a bit and they walk away and return later with a fresh mind, sometimes I will just need to do this once but occassionaly I need to do it multiple times over a few days.

Looking for photos to use with this kit I found this photo of a very serious looking Mr E (aka he is not a morning person) hugging Miss C the weekend of her baby shower, Mr E is a hugger and he stumbled out of bed to give his big sister cuddles.  I thought with her pink hair and his blue pajama shirt this would be a great photo to use with the kit.

As I played with the bits I knew I wanted a background but I didn't want to go too busy with layers in the background as it was going to be a very bright layout, so I just used the bubble wrap technique with some blue and pink paint.

Just put some blobs of paint on a craft sheets, grab a scrap off bubble wrap and press it into the paint, then place it on your cardstock and press down, repeat until you have the effect your desire.

I cut the middle out of the papers from the kit so I would have some small scraps for another layout and this was fortunate as when I was adhering the wire half flower I made under the big flower from the cut apart Morgyn designed, whic I used watered down pink paint to colour.
The wire half flower caused some issues with the flower so I punched out a butterfly from one of the scraps and a butterfly from the blue cardsock I used when matting my photos and created a layered butterfly to hide the mistake,  I punched out 2 more butterflies from the scraps to add to the page to balance things out.

I won a $10 store credit with Charms Creations and my gorgeous hearts and tabs I got with my store credit arrived just in time for this layout so I was able to include the heart in the cluster above with the flower from Morgyn's cut apart and this cute tab at the top of my layout.

I also got out some tiny words from Studio fourteen 40 and added 3 of them to my layout.

I used the blue paint on the big butterfly from Morgyn's cut apart.
This was a layout that as I worked on it I did not like how it was turning out but the more I worked on it and added bits and just played and stopped thinking about if I like it the more I loved it and in the end I was happy with how it turned out.

I finished off with some black ink splatters balance things out a bit more.

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