Saturday, 13 October 2018

Lauren - October 2018 Kit - DIY Charms for December Daily album

Hello everyone,

The day after I unboxed my October 2018 kit, I was shopping in a fabric shop and found this lovely long tassel with bead at the top and new that would be great as a start to charm embellishment cluster for my 2017 December Daily Album that I need to complete.  I wanted to add some of the goodies from the kit to bulk out the charm cluster, not just have the tassel by itself.

I started with the price tag from the tassel, I added the lovely wide washi tape to both sides and one of the felt flowers as a 3D goodness. I had also purchased some gold bells and threaded them onto the tag. It already had its own string so that part was sorted.

Next I punched a hole in the felt Santa hat, threaded some red and white bakers twine in the kit through it. However the felt wasn't strong enough to have a hole and thread through it so I had to rethink that - and boy did that take me a little time to work out how to use the Santa hat as charm but in way that suited long term use.

While fiddling around I worked out that I could punch a circle out of the text paper and back it with white circle, place the Santa hat and thread on top by using wet glue. I then added two red bling and small alphas that spelt 2017. Added a dotted line border and was happy.

I was then holding up the three charms, the tag, the tassel and the Santa hat circle to see how they looked together and trying to make the green pom pom trim work. It was then that I wondered if I could include the homemade tulle flower and as they hung next to each other I decided that the Santa hat circle looked good backed by the tulle flower!  I made that happen and so delighted with how it looks.

So I then used red and white bakers twine in the kit to loop on the charms and then tied in a double knot as a loop. I then looped it through the rings in the 8x8 album that I using as 2017 December Daily album.

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